Stellar partition manager mac full crack

Stellar partition manager mac full crack – Create, Remove, Resize Partition on MacOSX

Stellar partition manager mac full crack is a Professional Mac volume manager that allows you to perform basic partitioning operations, such as creating, deleting, resizing, formatting,hiding/revealing a partition.Stellar Partition Manager is the best partition management utility for Mac OSThe software is meant to manage your Mac partitions including Boot Campthus optimizes your hard drive performanceStellar Partition Manager can help you to create, format, delete, hide & reveal, shift or resize Mac partitions/volumes on your Mac hard driveWith this Mac Utility, you can easily manage all volumes in a drive.

This Mac Utility Software has several unique features, such as the Shift & Resize options, which enable the user to move the partitionsadd multiple free spaces together to create a new partitionIf there are any unused partitions in your hard drive, with the help of Delete or Format option, you can remove them, making room for a new partitionThe software offers utmost safetyprivacy of user data by the options Hide & RevealWith these options you can hide a particular volume from the desktop, so that nobody can access thatcan again mount it with the ‘Reveal’ option, which can only be possible with Stellar Partition Manager.

Features of Stellar partition manager mac full crack

– A complete Mac Partition Manager utility

– Creates new partition(s) on Mac hard drive

– Resizes, formats, or deletes existing partitions

– Also Resizes Mac partition by optimizing the free space

– Resizes Boot Camp & NTFS partition with ease

– Performs batch operations preventing the risk of data loss

Create new Partition

The software allows you to easilysafely create partitions of any type on your Mac hard driveIf there is scattered free space on the drive, the comprehensive utility shifts the existing partitions to make sufficient space for the new partition to be created.

Delete Partition

Using the software, you can comfortably delete a partition on your drive to create more free space for other disk usageIt is advisable to backup all your important data before performing this taskFor deleting the system partition, you require creating a bootable media using Stellar Partition Manager.

Resizes Boot Camp partitions & NTFS drives

With this Mac partition manager software, you can easily resize the Boot Camp partition so that both Windows OS & Mac OS X have appropriate partition sizesUser can also connect their NTFS formatted PC drivesresize the partitions as per need.

Roll back

This unique feature allows you to undo your last selection that you made to perform an action, but later decided not to proceed further

Format Partition

The software facilitates easyquick formatting of partitions when you wish to completely wipe off all data present on a particular volume to remove any unwanted virusother malicious programs from the drive.

Create Bootable Media

Stellar Partition Manager enables you to create a bootable media that could be used to perform partitioning operations on the boot driveYou need to backup your important data before working on the boot drive

Hide / Reveal Partition

You can anytime hide a partition to conceal your important information or make it inaccessible to any unauthorized person for safety reasonsYou can easily unhide or mount this partition later by using the ‘Reveal’ option.

Resize Mac Partition

The software effectively resizes Mac partitions on any drive by adjustingreorganizing the free spacethus, making the operation securefree from any risk of data loss

WHAT’S NEW Version 3.0:

Adds support for OS X 10.11


OS X 10.6 or later

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